Sessions usually last an hour, but the time can adjusted according to your needs. The number of sessions also depends on your specific needs. As an individual, your response to counselling will be unique. Some people see changes after just one or two sessions, while others require longer-term work. The number of sessions can be negotiated at the beginning of counselling work, or can be left open-ended to be reviewed as we work together. 

Massage Therapy

Treatment sessions are usually an hour, and Full Body Relaxation Massage is 1.5 hours. People find it useful to schedule 'maintenance' appointments once a month, just to keep in 'tip-top' condition.

I can offer flexibility in appointments: during the day, on a Saturday, or in the evening to suit you.

My fee is £40 per hour session. Please telephone 01236 733144 to arrange an appointment. If I’m with a client my answering machine will take a private message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible. Alternatively, click here to email me.

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