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Understanding the PAST, Experiencing the PRESENT, to Realise the FUTURE.

Ways toRelax

Cope with stress, aches and pains.

Take A NewPath

Gain some knowledge from my training courses.

Synchronicity Therapy - massage, counselling and workshops in the Glasgow area


Person Centred Counselling,

Massage Therapy, and Training

in the Lanarkshire area.


As a counsellor, I aim to offer a caring, non-judgemental space for you to explore any issues that are important or are of concern to you. My experiences of life, and my own personal journey and development has given me an insight into myself and others that allows me to work in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. I also offer training in personal development and specific CPD for therapists.

I am also a massage therapist, so whether you feel like some pampering, or have injuries, aches or pains, I can offer relaxation massage or treatments for specific conditions.

Please take some time to look at the rest of the site to find out more about my approach to my work, and how I can help you.